Explore the spiritual heart of Indonesian culture with Mas Rodin as your tour guide. Depending on one’s personal interests, there are several tours to choose from, all of which are highly personalized to meet your wishes. For instance, the Cultural Tour includes unique options like guided city trips across the Indonesian archipelago, visits to various museums, and ancient archaeological sites. Also, you can get a real glimpse of traditional Javanese aristocratic culture at the royal court (kraton) of Surakarta in Central Java. And if you want to take part in the living tradition yourself, then you have the chance to join educative workshops of highly skilled keris masters (empu), learn how to play ethnic folk music instruments (gamelan), and study classic shadow theater (wayang) from a renown puppeteer (dalang) in Yogyakarta – the cultural center of Java.

The Indonesian Archipelago

For those interested in Indonesian mysticism, he offers the rare opportunity to meet the traditional shamans (dukun) in Java, visit the indigenous Baduy tribesmen in Sunda, or consult ordained Brahmin priests in Bali, as part of the Spiritual Tour. Explore Indonesia’s rich spiritual heritage by visiting Buddhist temples, Hindu shrines, and Islamic pilgrimage sites. Meditate in or near sacred mountainous places, forests, and (volcanic) lakes.

Royal Court of Surakarta

Solo travelers and couples can also book a Personalized Tour. Through private tour guiding Mas Rodin can take you to places where only very few foreigners have been before. Moreover, he has extensive knowledge and in-depth understanding of the nation’s diverse regional cultures and local traditions, allowing for an unforgettable journey through Indonesia.

Tour Guide Services

Cultural Tour Spiritual Tour Personalized Tour
Destination Java Java-Bali Upon Request
Transport Minibus Minibus Mini MPV
Departure Weekly Weekly Monthly
Min. Duration 7 Days 7 Days 5 Days
Max. Duration 12 Days 12 Days 10 Days
Min. Number of People 4 4 1
Max. Number of People 12 10 4
Price $179 pppn* $199 pppn* Contact Me

* All prices include transportation, accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, entrance fees. Contact me for more details.

Komodo Dragon