There may be periods, sometimes long ones, when our life just seems to be perfect; no signs of stress, no lack of luck and love whatsoever. But unfortunately nothing can last forever. Indeed, impermanence is the underlying root of inevitable discontentment. For instance, our body grows old and there is not much we can do about it. When the mind is shrouded by ignorance of the universal truths of existence (e.g., impermanence, unsatisfactoriness), we tend to get confused about the nature of our direct experience of reality. In other words, if a certain misfortune were to befall upon us, and we fail to recognize the transient nature of both fortune and misfortune, then we can neither close the door to suffering nor can we open it to happiness.

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Whether knowingly or unknowingly, everything we do in life is aimed at the realization of happiness. But when it comes to skillfully avoiding the potential causes of unhappiness, not everyone is equally successful. People who lead a busy life often do not have the time and energy to develop the benefits that can be acquired through the practice of meditation or otherwise. The lack of spiritual wisdom presents a major disadvantage for people to be able to deal with the undesirable circumstances in life effectively. Hence Mas Rodin offers expert advice based on the mystical arts of Indonesia to help you move past challenges and adversity, both in personal and professional areas of life.

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Since we will meet many adversities in life, it is essential that we are prepared to face the difficulties, so that we know how to solve our financial, social, marital, or health problems. Thus, depending on the circumstances, you can inquire about Mas Rodin’s spiritual and astrological counseling. He performs ritual services according authentic Indonesian mystical tradition, which deals with traditional Javanese astrology, alternative medicine, holistic healing, sacred geometry, Islamic metaphysics, Buddhist tantra, and even indigenous shamanism. For more information, please send your queries to

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