Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, Mas Rodin is a web developer, graphic designer, and the sole proprietor of Indo Magic. He’s authored several ebooks and appeared on radio segments, in newspapers and magazines, to discuss Southeast Asian mystical traditions and the international amulet industry.

Before Indo Magic, Rodin worked as an Operations Planner at OKI Printing Solutions in the Netherlands, and later as a Business Manager at a popular amulet company in Thailand. Now he spends his time working out of his home office in South Jakarta, producing articles, ebooks, videos, podcasts, and music.

As a member of Panji Nusantara and PUSAKA, he’s also regularly assisting in the organization and coordination of cultural exhibitions held across the Indonesian archipelago. Thus, in every way imaginable, he’s helping people all over the world get more out of their amulets, talismans, taweez, and kerises.

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